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In learning to evaluate a carriage driving horse’s potential, you need an understanding of the many factors that should be considered. Education is key to making the right choices when looking for that new animal to put behind you’re carriage of choice.  Two main factors that come to mind are conformation and disposition.   The confirmation should satisfy the goals of the potential buyer.  The disposition should match the character of the driver.  Depending on your own personal goals in the carriage driving world this could guide you on how much emphasis you might consider from one to the other or both.  If you already have equipment choosing a new animal that fits the existing equipment is imperative.

The Gayla Driving Center’s experienced staff helps you in making those significant decisions.  It is crucial for you to be aware of all the facts and what the options are.  Our clients trust us in making honest decisions by giving them all the details and choices available to them.

Not sure about buying a certain new or used carriage.  Our Carriage expert is here to advise you.  If you feel the need to bring a horse or carriage to Gayla for evaluation just give us a call and set up an appointment.  Or if you’re just wanting to stop by to consult we are here for to advise you with all your driving needs.

The bottom line is we are here for you!  The enjoyment in this sport is very important and your safety is essential.

Fees: $45.00 per hour