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GAYLA IS SERVICE ORIENTED All of us at Gayla love working with the driving enthusiast and want your experience to be pleasant, convenient, and professionally handled. We will apply our expertise to your unique situation and work with you to make sure that the harness and carriages you buy are not only high quality but are also appropriate to the type of driving you do.

You simply cannot look at a picture of a carriage, or even an actual carriage, and know how it will ride and handle. Each carriage design and size will perform differently; a carriage that is appropriate for one discipline might not be correct for another. There is no better way to get to evaluate a carriage before you buy it than to actually hook it up and drive! Our knowledge in different makes of modern vehicles and experience with antiques give you the best advice of both worlds.

The Gayla years of experience allow us to CUSTOM-FIT YOUR CARRIAGE AND HARNESS to your own horse. (When purchased from Gayla Driving Center, LLC). We have worked with horses of all breeds, sizes and shapes. We have also worked with numerous carriage and harness manufacturers over the years, and understand the fitting capabilities of each one.

The Gayla Driving Center management is knowledgeable in ALL ASPECTS OF THE CARRIAGE BUSINESS. Debbie Banfield is a well respected driving competitor, trainer, and judge with a impeccable reputation, while Dana Banfield knows every aspect of repairing, evaluating, and fitting carriages assuring you an honest opinion. Debbie and Dana have over 60 years of combined experience.